How it all began...

I came from a long line of inspiring, creative people. Woodworkers, jewelry makers, musicians, seamstresses, gardeners, etc. I was lucky enough to be taught the value of making things with my own hands. While other kids were setting up lemonade stands, I was crocheting bookmarks and selling them out of an antique suitcase at 8 years old. I think my destiny was clear.

My company started with baby items in 2000 when I was starting my little family. Using the nickname my father gave me as a child, Peanut Tree, my small business with a big vision was born right before my first daughter.

I started with selling handmade nursery bedding and quilts in local upscale boutiques. P.T. Designs has evolved vastly over the last many years. I love to try new things and move in new directions. The one consistency from the beginning has been to offer high quality, hand-made products that I would love to buy myself.

All creations are designed and made by my own hands in my pretty studio office. We live on a peaceful, woodsy lake with inspiring views. When I'm not working in my office, I am by the lake. I love nature and I love being outdoors, rain or shine. I also love organic gardening, beaches, traveling, reading, and coffee... so much coffee.

The deepest gratitude to my many, many customers over the years. Your kind words and loyalty are priceless. Knowing my pieces are being loved all over the world makes me happier than you can know.

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